Chia Seed Konjac Jelly, Grape Flavor by Wakasho 5.8oz


Origin: Japan

This low calorie healthy jelly made of superfood chia seeds, and Konjac Jelly that contains water-soluble dietary fiber.With this combination, it allows you to take in not only dietary fiber but also an essential fatty acid – “α‐Lipoic Acid”(EFA) that can’t be synthesized in the body.

Grape Flavor.

* Konjac – It is low in calories and a satiating food, so it can prevent you from overeating, and it’s rich in dietary fiber, so it will improve your intestinal environment.

* Chia Seeds – It has antioxidant properties and work to reduce triglycerides and bad cholesterol.

* Beet Sugar – This jelly is sweetened by beet sugar which is low calorie and healthy.

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