Calorie Mate Balanced Diet Food, Maple Flavor

Origin: Japan

Calorie Mate is the best selling dietary support food in Japan for decades. It contains a good balance of protein, fat, sugar, 11 vitamins and 6  minerals which about half of the amount vitamins required for 1 day. When on diet or there is not enough time for a regular meal   It lets you easily replenish your nutrients at any time. The best of all, it’s delicious!

Maple Flavor (4 Blocks/box, 100kcal per bar )


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Wheat flour (Japan-processed), flavored fat spread (including dairy components), sugar, eggs, almonds, powdered skim milk, soy protein, wheat protein, processed orange, starch, salt/sodium caseinate, modified starch, fragrance

Nutrition (Per 4 Blocks):

Energy: 400kcal, protein: 8.1g, fat: 22.6g, carbohydrates: 42.3g (sugars: 40.3g, dietary fiber: 2g), sodium chloride (salt) equivalent: 0.76g, calcium: 200mg, iron: 2mg, magnesium: 50mg, phosphorus: 90mg, vitamin A: 385μg, vitamin B1: 0.6mg, vitamin B2: 0.7mg, vitamin B6: 0.65mg, vitamin B12: 1.2μg, niacin: 6.5mg, pantothenic acid: 2.4mg, folic acid: 120μg, vitamin C: 50mg, vitamin D: 2.8μg, vitamin E: 3.2mg

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Additional information

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