BCL AHA Fruit Acid Enzyme Powder Wash, 30 Pouches


Origin: Japan

This powder face wash will clean your pores from deep within with fruit acids and triple enzymes (papain, protease, lipase)! It breaks down and removes dead skin cells and sebum dirt stuck deep in pores, leaving your skin smooth and clear.

The creamy foam foams quickly, dense form will reduce the stress of friction while washing your face.

Contains 3 types of vitamin C and plant extracts for smooth and smooth skin! Prevents acne while protecting moisture, leading to healthy skin.

* Synthetic coloring free, mineral oil free, alcohol free, paraben free

Ingredients: It contains 3 types of vitamin C Vitamin C, water-soluble vitamin C derivative, oil-soluble vitamin C derivative (all antioxidants in the product); Plant extracts: Heutyami extract, tea tree leaf oil, mugwort leaf extract (all moisturizing) Moisturizing ingredients apple fruit extract, ceramide AP (all moisturizing)

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