ROSETTE Cleansing Paste Face Wash for Normal & Oily Skin, 90g


Origin: Japan

This cleanser is made for normal skin & oily skin users.

It’s formulated with sulfur which is well known as the main ingredients of hot springs. It helps inhibit excess sebum and leave your skin soft and smooth. Sulfur powder will effectively removes dead skin cells, and blackheads.

It’s recommended for Teens and safe for who has acne skin to use.

Alcohol Free and mineral oil free.

How To Use:
1. Open the container lid and remove the knob in the center.
2. Hold the area around the center with the thumbs of both hands and apply even pressure to push the cleansing past out on appropriate amount (approx. 0.5cm to 1cm).
3. Lather well with cold or lukewarm water, wash your face gently with forms.
4. Rinse thoroughly.

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