Nihon Yakken Golden Aojiru with 25 Vegetables Lactic Acid Bacteria x Enzyme Supplement, 30 Count


Origin: Japan

Aojiru is best antioxidant herbal drink native to Japan as “drank of longevity”. With this organic Golden Aojiru, besides barley grass, you also can get the benefits of 25 different vegetables in one easy-to-consume pack!

Along with Aojiru, this product contains 25 kinds of vegetables, such as cabbage, kale, carrots, pumpkin, and lemon, all sourced from Japan for safety and quality. Recommended for people who suffer from vegetable deficiency, want to take lactic acid bacteria, dietary fiber, and enzymes easily, and prefer pure (Japanese) domestic products with no additives.

Contains lactobacilli and enzymes for a refreshing taste. The product has 20 billion lactobacilli that reach the intestines and enzymes derived from green papaya that are active enzymes. To give a slightly sweet taste, this product is using carefully selected Okinawan brown sugar only.

Nihon Yakken’s barley grass is grown with love and care by farmers in Kyushu, Japan. They use an ultra-fine milling process to preserve all the nutrients of young barley grass. Their fresh-pack method ensures that the product is processed within 24 hours of harvesting, preventing oxidation and maintaining its flavor.

Easy, tasty, and simple to prepare!

Refreshing and slightly sweet lemon flavor

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