Waste Cooking Oil Solidifier Powder 6ct


Origin: Japan

Save the environment!

This product use 100% plant-derived ingredients.

1 packet powder can hardened 400ml waste cooking oil. Easy to use, no fuss and no mess.

How To Use:

  1. Immediately after cooking, (make sure you turn off the oven first) pour one packet of powder into waste cooking oil and mix while the oil is still hot ( about 80℃/ 176℉ or more).
  2. Stir well until the powder mix well with the oil.
  3. Leave for about 1 hour — The waste oil will start to be solidified when the oil temperature is 40℃/ 104℉ or lower.
  4. Once the waste cooking oil is solidified, it can be peel off from the container and throw it way.

1 packet for 400ml oil. Add more packets if needed.

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