Bathclin Molty Hair Growth Essence


Origin: Japan

For those who has concerns about thinning hair and stiff hair, this herbal medicated hair growth essence will promote hair growth and prevent hair loss, volumize the thinning hair.

This product promotes blood circulation with the herbal active ingredients (Ginkgo Extract, Oriental Japonica Extract, Carrot Extract, D-pantothenyl Alcohol) and vitamin derivatives. Activates hair roots, prevents hair loss and hair thinning, makes the hair firm and resilient from the roots. The Moisturizing ingredients containing isoflavones.

No Oil, No Silicon, No Fragrance, No Coloring, No Preservatives.

How to use:
●Shake it ell, spray an appropriate amount directly on the scalp, then massage.
●It is recommended that you use this product twice a day, such as after washing your hair (after drying it with a towel) or before styling.

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