Mandom Lucido Perfect Skin Cream EX for Men, 90g


Origin: Japan

This skin care cream is specially designed for men over 40s. This one product is the remedy for 6 major skin concerns that men over 40s may all experience (such as dryness, dark spots, wrinkles, oily skin, firmness, dull skin.)

Just apply this cream on your skin after shaving for easy aging care. It’s non-sticky, yet highly moisturizing cream.

It contains CoQ10 and an active ingredient called niacinamide which will reduce the wrinkles and prevents dark spots by blocking melanin produced inside of the skin (melanosomes) from being transported ro keratinocytes.It has the function of activating cells, promoting the production of collagen, which is the source of elasticity, and increasing intercellular lipids, which maintain moisture.

Fragrance-free, color-free, preservative-free

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