Emulsion Remover Cleansing Lotion by Mizuhashi Hojudo Japan, 200ml

Origin: Japan

Multiple Beauty Award Winning Cleanser!

This Emulsion Remover Lotion is made from deep-sea water. It emulsify and remove excess sebum, makeup, blackheads from the pores, even sebum-derived scalp odors. It’s a new concept for cleaning pores and ultimate item for all the skin types.

Alcohol Free, No Artificial Pigment, No Petroleum.


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How To Use:

In the morning before the makeup, or use for remove the makeup at night.

  1. For Morning:  Apply morning before the makeup, spray about 10 times on face, (wait for 30 seconds) let it drip and gently wipe it off with cotton pad. This Emulsion Remover will dissolve excess sebum, and purify the skin,  gives the skin a translucent apperance, and help the makeup last longer as the result.
  2. For Night:  After the makeup remover, spray 10 times all over the face (wait for 30 seconds), Emulsion Remover will melt the excess sebum, blackheads, and remove the makeup in pores that is hard to be cleaned by normal face wash, and turn those into milky substance. Gently clean the face with water.
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Additional information

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